Classic Style For Living in white

The architecture of classic furniture comes back to life within the elegant forms of Nabucco. The grooved sides and floral carvings are adorned with round motifs and cornices, the transparency of the glass and the pure presence of the white open-pore ash wood: everything comes together in harmonious style where every detail is a true work of art. Note: also available in cherry! Click Here...

Stijmeubelen wit Klassiek

Model: Nabucco Wit

Price: € 4'995.00
Full Description:

Classic Style For Living -Complete set! NF.001
Nabucco Vitrine NF.904S
Afm: B.74 x H.212 x D.45 cm
Nabucco Bar-meubel NF.470
Afm: B.124 x H.144 x D.48 cm
Nabucco Vitrine NF.904D
Afm: B.74 x H.212 x D.45 cm
Kleur: Wit.

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